Why choose for Industry Zuply

We supply smart dispensing and intake systems for various industries, with a focus on savings in terms of stock, consumption and staffing, among other things.

Save money, time & stock

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Unattended - 24/7

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Lean & Green

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Maximum efficiency

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Online management

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Intuitive touch control

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How it works...

All Zuply solutions, regardless of size, shape and application, always work in the same way, as shown below schematically

1. Selection

The Zuply systems can always be operated with a touchscreen. In case of Industry Zuply this can be a 10 inch or 22 inch touchscreen.


Depending on the hardware chosen, you can select the following five main functionalities:

  • Registered dispensing
  • Intake of registered tooling and the possibility to report defects and / or incompleteness
  • Order delivery and pickup
  • Prepare work orders: remotely preselect tools, PPE and consumables for employees
  • Loan items

GUI - 22 inch vertical

The full HD GUI for the 22 inch touchscreen display gives you full functionality. This includes all the Click&Collect functions and the following direct shopping functions:

  • Product grid | Up to 16 items directly visible, scroll to see more items. You determine the order on the screen
  • Categories | Up to 6 categories are freely definable. Quickly browse through the available products using categories
  • Product info | Add text, specifications or photos to describe a product more effectively. Show videos about the use of the item. Products can be marked as loan products
  • Prices | Create awareness among your employees by showing product prices
  • Shopping cart | Selected items end up in your shopping cart, all items are paid for and dispensed in one go
  • Multilingual | Optionally, you may set up different languages, enabling foreign-language employees and/or users to operate the machine easily

GUI Collect - 10 inch vertical

The 10 inch GUI is for collect&return purposes and offers the following fuctionalities:

  • Collection of personalized orders
  • Hardware Swap (e.g. laptops)
  • Serial number registration
  • 2-way authentication

2. Dispensing / Collect & Return

Zuply offers two types of machines, which is the Flexx dispensing machine and the LockBloxsmart . Both machines can be combined into one stock management solutions.


Depending on the hardware chosen, you can select the following five main functionalities:

  • Registered dispensing
  • Intake of registered IT hardware
  • Hardware swap (e.g. notebooks, tablets)
  • Orders through 2-way authentication
  • Loan items

Flexx Dispensing machine

The Zuply Flexx is equipped with a smart pusher system, which allows the dispensing of almost any type of IT accessory. The machine has six standard product compartments and can dispense up to 60 different items:

  • Smart pusher system | can be flexibly configured to suit specific product packaging
  • Moove product lift | takes the valuable IT accessories to the dispatch unit in a controlled manner
  • For the dispensing of valuable IT accessories; from mouse to complete keyboards
  • Easily expandable | with an additional Flexx Slave or LockBlox® Smart modules (up to 512 compartments)

LockBlox Smart

The Zuply LockBlox® is an innovative locker solution that can be widely used within your organization. These include managing loan items (e.g. beamers), name-registered items (e.g. laptops) and, of course, as a stock management system for expensive IT accessories and consumables:

  • Dispense and return loan items
  • Exchanging registered items (e.g. laptops). Serial number registration with optional barcode scanner
  • Charging point | 230V or USB in selected compartments (optional)
  • 6 compartment sizes | to suit every type of product
  • Easily expandable | with the Zuply Flexx for maximum functionality
  • Rear pantry lockers | available for W8 and W12 modules

3. Online Portaal


All Zuply solutions can be monitored and managed via the online portal ZuplyWeb. This allows you to monitor all transactions (incoming and outgoing) and events, as well as change products. You can even dispense products remotely; handy and fast where prior approval for a product is required.

The dashboard gives you a direct insight into the status of your machines, verification and payment systems. ZuplyWeb is accessible from virtually every browser and is also available in a mobile version.

Management & monitoring

  • Management
    • Product info (text, photos, translations)
    • Adjusting and activating prices
    • Remote dispensing
    • Employee access
    • Changing configurations
  • Reporting
    • Turnover and dispensing operations (periodically)
    • Consumption (per employee)
    • Stock insight
    • Export to Excel (.csv or .xlsx)
  • Service & events
    • Overview of error messages
    • Remote service and updates

Connect to your own system

Zuply also offers customized solutions, so that you can also have your own systems work together with the Zuply solutions, such as:

  • Automated ordering of items
  • Automatically sending pickup orders to the machine
  • Consumption reporting directly in your records
  • Processing tickets directly with your existing software

The Zuply APIs make it easy for you! Ask for the possibilities!

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